Monday, March 03, 2008

Mark Driscoll punches John Piper!

And Piper, in Chuck Norris-like fashion doesn't blink. And in Christ-like fashion turns the other cheek.

OK, not really. But it does look like it doesn't it? The photo is from the Text and Context Conference Q&A session.

If you didn't hear about this conference, a quick synopsis is available on the Acts 29 site by Scott Thomas.

Justin Buzzard did a good job of capturing some notes from the conference.

Desiring God Blog has John Piper's thoughts and resources from the conference.

Acts 29 will eventually make the audio and video available from the conference (for FREE!) and when I catch wind of that I'll pass it on. One session might not be fully available, as Mark Driscoll brought his wife Grace Driscoll on stage to answer questions. Last I heard he is debating whether to open this segment to the public, as he wants to protect his wife. I for one would LOVE to hear what she had to say, but I understand and respect his need and desire to protect his family. I'm sure he'll make the right choice.

I watched a bit of this via streaming video, and am excited to see it all when it becomes available.

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1 comment:

Josh R said...

I wish I could remember what Piper was saying in that Picture. I remember seeing it, and I didn't quite catch what Chandler and Driscoll where excited about.

I am very anxious to see the sessions I missed. Especially the first Chandler Session.