Friday, October 12, 2007

Spiritual Gifts Evaluation

Pastor Phil Print has asked our congregation to take a spiritual gifts inventory. He will be preaching on some related issues in the week(s) to come. Below is my results. You can also take this test at

Spiritual Gifts Evaluation - Results

Here are the results from your evaluation!

Click on the name of any gift for a detailed description of the typical traits and characteristics associated with that gift. They are provided not as an exclusive description, but as a means of helping you better understand or confirm your spiritual gifts. If you feel that a particular category does not closely describe you, review the characteristics of your second spiritual gift; it may be a better match.

Each gift score is out of a total possible of 12.

Teaching 12
Leadership 10
Administration 10
Faith 10
Words of Prophecy 9
Word of Knowledge 9
Service 8
Pastor 8
Helps 8
Exhortation 8
Apostleship 8
Word of Wisdom 8
Martyrdom 8
Hospitality 7
Evangelism 7
Giving 7
Discernment 6
Intercession 5
Missionary 4
Mercy 4
Miracle Working 3
Healing 3
Gift of Tongues 0
Interpretation of Tongues 0
Celibacy 0

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