Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mark Driscoll in a Suit!

I just got around to watching Mars Hill Church of Seattle's Easter service video. Powerful stuff. I'd call it The Case for Christ on Red Bull. Pastor Mark brings it for 35 minutes, rarely letting the viewer come up for air. An outstanding presentation of the Gospel.

Mars Hill did 8 services on Easter Sunday. How Mark was still standing by the 8th one I'm exactly sure.

In the video, Mark Driscoll is wearing a suit. He calls it "going Baptist" - he shaved, got a hair cut, and is wearing a suit! I'll bet he's still wearing his "Jesus is my homeboy" shirt underneath. He looks good in a suit, though it's certainly strange seeing him in one, especially with the backdrop of all the guitars and such!

So if you missed out on Easter Sunday for some reason, I suggest giving this one a view or listen. Even if you didn't miss out, it is still worth your time. Generally Mark Driscoll preaches for an hour to an hour and a half, but he keeps it to under 35 minutes for this one (32:30 for those who really want to know).

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KS said...


Awesome video picture of Mark Driscoll!

Keep your interesting posts coming, I had two visitors to my blog linked to your blog because of this in my google reader.

Paul Schafer

PA Fos 1986 said...

I listened to this via podcast - enjoyed it. I looking to possibly start going to Mars Hill, either in Ballard or West Seattle. Can anyone comment?

Chris Meirose said...

Here's the best info I can give you - do what it takes to check out Mars Hill. Great things are going on there. With that said, I know that the West Seattle campus is maxed out for space, and they opened just a few weeks ago. They literally had to turn people away at West Seattle for their Easter service, as fire code wouldn't allow more bodies in the building. Ballard is also pretty full, but there is room for more. Ballard means you have to deal with the parking issue, which means walking a block or two from where the parking lot is to the church. Check out the info on their web site for parking info. If you are willing to contact the church directly, they can give you more specific info on whether they have solved their space issues in West Seattle - possibly by adding additional services, or simply by having fewer people since Easter is only once a year.

But whatever you do, go. Check them out. Good things are happening there, and they are becoming a light on the hill for all of the Seattle area.

Big Chris