Saturday, May 13, 2006

A new BBQ Grill!!!

This past Monday I purchased a new BBQ-Grill. We do already have two Weber charcoal grills (a full sized one, and a mini one), but I've been wanting a gas grill for a number of years. We put this high on our priority list for our wedding gifts, and so when the one we wanted went on sale, I got one. It is a Kenmore four burner, 48,000 BTU LP Gas grill that offers extra large side shelves, electronic ignition, stainless steel tube burners, porcelain coated Savor Plates™, porcelain coated steel cooking grids, double wall stainless steel lid, control panel and doors.

* 48,000 BTU LP Gas stainless steel grill with pre-assembled grill head
* Independent cooking zones ideal for direct and indirect cooking
* Porcelain coated steel cooking grids offer easy cleanup
* Savor Plates™ with porcelain finish reduce flare ups and help to evenly distribute heat
* Four stainless steel tube burners with 10 year warranty
* Easy to start electronic ignition and premium temperature gauge
* Two extra large side shelves
* Full cart base with double doors
On the way home from Sears with the grill, I stopped and got some steaks (saw Amy Anderson of Eagle Brook Church there as well) and some corn to grill. I couldn't have a new toy and not play with it! It took a bit of assembly before I could use it, as it was too big to fit in my truck with the topper on. I rubbed some spices on the steaks, threw on some cobs and corn, and just a little while later I was in food heaven. The steak was perfect, needing no sauce, the corn very good for being this early in the season. The only bad part was mid-grilling a storm rolled in and it started to rain. I pull the grill under the over hang of the garage, and finished it up. If all goes well we'll be using it again tonight before heading to Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis to hear CJ Mahaney preach.

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