Thursday, December 08, 2005

Message from Pastor Bob Merritt of Eagle Brook Church

I received this in my in box this morning. I posted on Suday about the opening of Eagle Brook Church in Lino Lakes, MN last weekend.

E-News & Updates

A Note From Pastor Bob

Last weekend, we opened our doors to over 7200 people—our first
weekend in Lino Lakes. It was such a joyful honor to be able to see the
looks of awe on everyone’s faces, especially those who have been
giving, volunteering, and sacrificing to make this happen. Thank you so
much for being part of it.

As I mentioned last weekend, we didn’t build this building for only
us to enjoy. We built it for people who are far from God—people who
need a place to begin a relationship with Christ, connect with Him
through worship and teaching each week, and to become part of a church
family that will be there through the good and bad times ahead.

Some of those people were there last weekend. We heard from
first-time attenders who came just because they were curious, and
neighbors that could see their homes through the windows on the second
level. Here’s just one of the comments we received through our website
this week:

“The new church is five minutes from our home. We
attended on Saturday at 4:00 and Sunday at 9:00. We didn't like the
church. WE LOVED IT! Thanks for building it for us.”

Another man was so excited about his experience at the church that
he called our offices on Monday and made the decision to say Yes to
Christ for the first time, right then and there. That’s why we do what
we do! I can’t wait to see how many more people God reaches through his
church in the coming weeks.

We know that traffic was a challenge on Saturday night. Sunday was
100% better. We attribute it to the snow on Saturday, the first run for
the traffic cops and that most people came across County Rd. 14 instead
of going further north to 170th St/CR-4. Those who chose the latter
route had smooth sailing. The traffic cops did a great job of keeping
the flow going on Sunday, but everyone can help the flow by choosing to
come across and leave by way of 170th St./CR-4. (View a map)

Thank you so much for praying and for being part of our opening
weekend in Lino Lakes. As we look ahead, don’t forget to reserve
tickets for one of our six Christmas services, on December 23 and 24.
To get more information, click here. And be thinking about who you will
invite to our January series, Life’s Too Short!

See you this weekend,

Senior Pastor Bob Merritt

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