Monday, November 29, 2004

Pain in the foot, culture, and family

Thanksgiving was a great day. Lots of food, and great company. Spent the day with my gf's family and learned a new card game called hand and foot. I'll refrain from trying to explain that game, as it has more rules than I could ever remember.

I have been thinking a lot about culture and how culture relates to the church lately. Christ was at times extrodinarily counter-cultural, but at other times was very much in the culture. Too many in the modern church would have us go one way or the other. We are called to be seperate from the world, but are required to work within the world. We must leave it up to God to cover our shortcomings beyond that. While I may not always agree with the methodology of President GWB, I do appreciate that he is making an effort to affect change. Whether or not that is the route to properly make change occur is a second seperate issue to me. I personally think this needs to come from the church as an out-pouring result from the body of Christ being built up and filled in their personal and coporate faith. I see the great failing here in the Boomer's generation and on moving into a consumer form of faith. People are not taking as much personal responsibility for their faith, and instead are relying upon others to "do" it for them. This covers thinking deep about faith matter, service to others, ministering to others and studying the Word of God. This results in their spiritual tanks running on near empty, and because of this there is not the over-flow of faith into the world. Their views have changed. How they interprete life and church is no longer how it once was. This is part good, part bad. Maybe if I have more time later I'll expand on some of these thoughts.

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